July 30, 2009

time to eat steamboat.......

Here's a list of ingredients you can serve in your steamboat party. Just choose a balanced list in terms of flavors and texture.
Put the bones from the chicken, the fish and whatever chicken feet and necks you have into a big pot. Fill with water, add chinese carrots/radishes (lobak) which have been cut into small chunks and simmer for at least 1 1/2 hours. Strain away all the bones, keeping the radishes in the stock. You can add some salt and pepper.

beef fillet, or sirloin, sliced thinly & marinaded with light n dark soy sauce cornflour & pepper.
corn-fed chicken, deboned, sliced, marinaded above.
lamb, sliced thinly.
fish (RED SNAPPER OR GAROUPA), sliced thickly.
prawns, shelled but tails on, marinaded with salt n pepper.
fresh squid, scored n sliced, marinaded as per prawns.
dried squid, soaked in water + baking soda for two days, scored and sliced.
salted jellyfish, washed well n soaked with frequent changes of water.
fresh scallops.
fresh oysters.
fishballs .
fishmaw, soaked & blanched.
stuffed tofuballs (half the balls so they'll cook faster).
wontons (parboiled).
quail eggs (boiled, shelled)
NOTE: Cut all meat (except fish & chicken) thinly but in large pieces. If cut too small, it'll tear and break up easily. For beef, no need to marinade if using imported beef. I prefer sirloin because even though it is not as tender as fillet, it is more flavorful and does not break up easily. Get fish that doesn't break up easily, and leave skin on.

Chinese cabbage.
tung ho ('chrysanthemum leaves').
chinese celery.
choysum (mustard greens)

tofu, in cubes.
fresh shiitake or enoki mushrooms.
foojook (beancurd sheets)
.mee hoon, soaked and blanchedI don't use yellow noodles because of the coloring and the weird taste they give to the soup.

SPECIAL Dip (fry minced garlic and small red onions in oil till soft. Put into bowl and add Maggi soy sauce and dark soy sauce.
Chili Padi Dip-mix together chopped chili padi, Maggi soy sauce and calamansi juice.
Oyster Sauce-Get the Lee Kum Kee Brand, with a lady rowing a boat.
Cook each item separately.

July 29, 2009

How to store fresh prawns and shrimps
All seafood, not only prawns or shrimps, should be stored in the refrigerator as soon as possible after purchase. It is best to cook the prawns on the day of purchase; however, they may be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of three days, although 1 - 2 days would be better. Prawns and shrimps should be kept in the coldest part of the fridge, which is at the bottom, yet the ideal would be to store them in a bowl of ice in the fridge, as even the fridge temperature is not quite cold enough for the optimal storage conditions for this type of seafood. The prawns can be kept in their original packaging or can be transferred to an airtight container. They should also be kept in their shell until they are needed for cooking. If you buy frozen prawns or shrimp, store them in the freezer until you need to defrost them.

How to store crab
If you are buying live crabs, it is best to consume them when they are as fresh as possible, preferably on the same day, although they will keep safe in the fridge for up to two days. Put the live crabs in a bowl or a container where they can still breathe and cover them with damp paper towels or a damp cloth. Place them in a cold area of your refrigerator until you are ready to use them. Check on your crabs from time to time whilst they are in the fridge, as if they die, they should really be cooked immediately.

fillet snapper

  1. langkah pertama:-

  2. sediakan ikan merah seekor dalam 1 kg hingga 4 kg up.

  3. pastikan ikan merah yang segar..

  1. langkah kedua:-
    letakkan pisau tepat di bahagian belakang ikan merah.

  2. hiriskan dengan hati-hati tanpa mengoyakkan mana-mana bahagian isi..

  1. langkah ketiga:-

  2. pisahkan antara tulang dan isi